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Fit Mind ~ Fit Body
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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Janice, owner and operator of Fit Mind~Fit Body. I am a retired Army Warrant Officer, and a Holistic Life Coach. I have been in the business of training, counseling, and coaching others to achieve their fitness goals for over 30 years. My certifications include:

Holistic Life Coach
Mind-Body Fitness Coach
Meditation Instructor
Personal Trainer
Fitness and Nutrition Specialist

I hold a bachelor's in psychology and business from The University of South Carolina and currently pursuing a master's in transpersonal psychology, at Sofia University. I am also the author of the book:
The Next Level: A Journey of Conscious Awakening Through The Principles of Physics and Other Sciences.

My purpose here is two-fold: to seek your assistance in providing support to help those in need of food and shelter in my community, and to offer you my coaching services and fitness expertise, which can help you achieve a greater level of holistic fitness. I've included on this site some basic information on meditation, yoga, and nutrition & exercise - all of which are essential to total fitness.

I've been involved in fitness all my life and as a fitness professional, I know that physical fitness alone does not address the whole person fitness concept that I live by. Being physically fit covers only half of who we are.

To focus solely on the physical display of strength and fitness, without regards to inner strength is merely window dressing. Strength, flexibility, and cardio training represents only the most basic steps towards total fitness.

You will discover upon reading The Next Level that we exist as both matter and spirit.

As spirits, we sometimes fail to recognize and connect to "that" aspect of ourselves, and we end up feeling unhappy and disconnected. As bodies, we tend to ignore the importance of staying fit yet, the body is what makes it possible for us to interact with and enjoy our world. Spirit needs the body to express life, and the body needs spirit to become meaningful; the connections between them are undeniable.

The Next Level is not a book about achieving physical fitness; it is about awakening to, and connecting with your inner power to achieve whatever you set in your mind to include a physically fit body.